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Tina’s first novel, this much is true, was released by Jesperson Publishing (now Breakwater Books) in 2006.

About this much is true

This much is true

Is it okay to tell a lie? Lisa Simms thinks so. Lisa leaves her small town and moves to the big city to find work and her letters home tell of an ordered life and success at work. The reality, however, is rather different. From crazy days at work, to disappointing love affairs, from dealing with death to discovering love, Lisa takes the reader on a ride of laughter and tears as the fiction of each letter dissolves into the roller coaster of life. this much is true is a romp through the 1980s, about a fish out of water struggling to find her place in the world all while sheltering her parents from the truth.

Tina’s short story, “Divided by Three”, received a 2007 Provincial Arts and Letters Award in Short Fiction.

Tina’s writing has also appeared in the Independent newspaper.

2 thoughts on “Other writing

  1. Wow. I bet you do think of them. I’m glad you got to go home and weren’t out there too but I know the memories of them must stay with you forever. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Just browsing when I came across the 2009 Ocean ranger Blog.
    I was the 85th man on the rig the day before she sank, I let the rig becouse I had a house fire, the rig next to us “ The 706 I think” got stuck in the hole and a chopper came out with some tools.
    I think of many of thos men often.

    Ps I grew up in Topsail.

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