Highlighting Text in Microsoft Word

I copy, cut, and paste a lot when I’m writing and editing. I frequently need to highlight whole chunks of text to do that. Let’s say I want to copy 100 pages or even just ten or twenty. In Microsoft Word that always meant me having to highlight the text with the mouse then scroll through 100 pages until I get to the spot where the text I want to copy ends. Or at least I thought it did. Every time I’d have to do that, I’d think what a waste of time just holding down the mouse button and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. And so many times I’d try scrolling too fast and then the cursor would go off screen and I’d have to go back and start all over again. When you need to do it a lot it gets so frustrating. So I looked high and low to find a way to avoid wasting that time. It was harder than I thought it would be, even with Google helping me but finally I found a way and I want to share it with you. Maybe it will save you some time and frustration too. All you have to remember is F8. Continue reading

IMDB Parents Guide

IMDB logoSince I have two children, ages four and eight, I’m not always sure what movies might be appropriate for both of them. Sometimes I decide only the older boy should see a certain movie and sometimes I figure it’s okay that they can share that time together. And many times I’m not even sure either of them should see a certain movie. Thankfully we live in the age of the Internet. I’ve seen warnings parents have posted on facebook and twitter about a certain movie for kids that is particularly scary or particularly loud. There’s also discussions, yes using mouths and ears rather than computers, with other parents. But I have to say the most valuable resource for the appropriateness of movies for my children has been the IMDB Parents Guide. Continue reading

This is My Brain on Google

The other day, my husband and I were watching TV and there was an oh so familiar actor on the screen.

My husband said, “what show was he in before?”

“It’s driving me nuts trying to remember it,” I answered.

We furrowed our brows for a few seconds and concentrated hard. Then I picked up my phone and googled it. A few days later I had trouble finding the right word I wanted in a conversation. I thought about googling the word I was looking for but then it hit me: the reason I don’t remember stuff as well, besides age and the brain deficiency having young kids around gives me, is probably Google itself. Continue reading

Dancing Like No One is Watching

This is my little guy going on a year ago now. He loves music. And oh how he loves to dance but mostly when no one is watching. Same way he likes to count and recite the alphabet but not so much when you ask him. He likes to do it on his own terms and when the mood strikes. I was lucky enough to catch him when he thought no one was looking and was practicing a new butt wiggle into his dancing. And even though he’s shy about performing in front of anyone, he loves watching this video of himself. Funny that. I don’t think he’d mind me sharing.

How We Remember The Ocean Ranger

A post I wrote five years ago, about the men lost on the Ocean Ranger, is the most popular post on this blog and it still continues to receive a lot of views, and some comments, over on my long abandoned blogspot blog. It is a place where people leave remembrances of their family members who were lost and even where people post and email me to look for long lost family members connected to someone who was lost on the oil rig. This morning, I listened as the names of the men who died thirty years ago were read out on the radio. When I wrote that post, I didn’t know any of the names but this morning many sounded familiar because they were men connected now to the people who had posted comments of remembrance and loss. Continue reading

Blackberry Playbook Review

rim_blackberry_playbookI got a Blackberry Playbook! Okay, technically my husband has a Playbook but I did all the research as to where and when to buy it, printed off the Telus web page where they showed their sale for $149 Playbooks and brought it to Staples for a price match then did all the setup so it is OUR Playbook and I intend to use it a lot. I know you might think a Playbook is a crazy buy right now. It seems like any day RIM might start giving them away. But I’ve always thought the Playbook looked like a good device. I’d tried them in stores and found them very responsive plus they work well with flash so are ahead of iPads in that way. And at $149 for a 32 gb, it felt like it was the right time. I knew there were not that many apps out there and the ones that were available were often more expensive than equivalent apps from Apple or Android but the rumour is that there will be a big update soon and that Android apps will become available for the Playbook. When and if that happens, I think the days of sub $200 Playbooks will be gone so I had to take the opportunity when I did. The question is, how has the reality of the Playbook worked out? Continue reading

Such Positive Comments on This Blog

I must say, I am impressed with some of the comments I’ve been getting on this blog. And, surprisingly, these comments are not just on recent posts. No, people are commenting on posts that go back months and even years. thumbs upsAnd they are all so positive. They also seem to be translated from other languages, using some pretty awful translation software. Okay, most of them mention other, perhaps seedy, websites and many of them discuss how to buy various pharmaceuticals or knock-off watches online. But that doesn’t mean that these are not people who genuinely love my blog. Allow me to share some examples.
Continue reading