A Few Kinds of Wrong

A Few Kinds of WrongTina’s new novel, A Few Kinds of Wrong, is published by Breakwater Books. It is available at the following locations online and in many bookstores across Canada:
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CBC Radio’s WAM Interview

Listen to an Interview About A Few Kinds of Wrong from CBC Radio’s Weekend Arts Magazine with Angela Antle. (Contest referred to in the interview, is closed but please feel free to add your stories about women in non-traditional work here.)

About A Few Kinds of Wrong

Mechanic Jennifer Collins is a woman in a man’s world, but since her father’s sudden death her world has been falling apart. Now she’s in a losing battle, risking everything to cling to the past while everyone else moves forward.

In A Few Kinds of Wrong, Tina Chaulk takes us into the garage and tells the poignant story of Jennifer, her pain, her loves, and her coming to terms with reality. Above all, this story reminds us that memories — those one cannot forget and others one battles to hold onto — can never be controlled.

A book like this is the reason people read.
-Joan Sullivan, The Telegram

“Tina Chaulk has a talent for getting inside the always quirky and often perverse sensibility of her protagonist, a young woman coming to terms with flawed memories, misunderstood relationships and a reinterpretation of family history.”
-Bernice Morgan, award-winning author of Cloud of Bone and Random Passage

“Gut-painful and gut-funny, A Few Kinds of Wrong takes us down a journey of loss, deception, self-destruction and love. Chaulk writes deftly of the hilarity and pathos of being human, of faults and failures, of suffering and joy. Palpable characters and solid storytelling.”
-Michelle Butler Hallett, author of Double-blind and Sky Waves

Book Club Questions

Suggested Book Club Questions for A Few Kinds of Wrong (Best for after reading the book as there are a couple of spoilers.)