Where Are The Real Back to School Lunch Ideas?

Tis the season for all those back to school lunch packing advice articles and segments on the news. I look at each one, hopeful this ‘Real Lunches Your Kids Will Love’ will really be real lunches my kids will love. But they’re not. They’re lunches with olives and hummus and smoked salmon with pretty peppers cut in cute strips. Or tuna or almond butter sandwiches or boiled eggs cut in fun shapes–all things kids are not allowed to bring to school because of allergies.

Where are the ‘Real Lunches for Kids Who Can Taste A Wisp of Red Pepper In A Bowl of Spaghetti Sauce Then Somehow Pull It All Apart to Remove Said Tiny Sliver’ articles? Where are the lunch ideas for kids who act like they’re walking to the guillotine as they move toward the table where stir-fry is on their plates? For the love of God, where are the news segments where someone says it’s okay to give children Lunchables every day even though they will never eat the meat in it, no matter what that meat is? Please someone write something for the child who does not like meat or mayonnaise or mustard or even ketchup on a sandwich. Will no one look for real ideas for the parent of children who keep bringing home uneaten bananas and sad, wilted, ignored vegetables? For those of us who hear the cry, “the pepper touched my cheese so I couldn’t eat anything?” Come on, bring the real to the real lunch articles!

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