Live Blogging Golden Globes 2013

Best opening ever. Favourite quotes that had me literally laughing out loud:

“Meryl Streep is not here tonight, she has the flu. I hear she’s AMAZING in it.” – Amy Poehler.

About Kathryn Bigelow “…when it comes to torture, I trust a woman who spent three years married to James Cameron…” – Amy Poehler

Talking to Anne Hathaway, about her “Les Mis” performance: “I have not seen someone alone and abandoned like that since you were on the stage with James Franco at the Oscars.” – Tina Fey

I couldn’t quite figure out what was up with Dennis Quaid’s face. Still not sure.

Woohoo. Love Damien Lewis since he was in the series “Life.” And he is awesome in Homeland.

Jennifer Lawrence maybe had the line of the night when she won for Best Actress Motion Picture Musical/Comedy. “Harvey, thank you for killing whoever you had to kill to get me up here today.”

Tommy Lee Jones looked like he was wondering WTF was going on when he watched Will Ferrell and Kristen Whig doing their fabulous presentation of the nominees for Best Actress Motion Picture Musical/Comedy.

Best acting at the Golden Globes goes to Anne Hathaway for acting surprised at her win. But she deserved the Golden Globe and gave a great, although seemingly very practiced, speech.

Okay, so you have these two brilliant, funny hosts. Why are we not seeing more of them?

Claire Danes deserves a GG. And for doing all that action while very pregnant.

Is it me or do the men have more screwed up, plastic-surgery-deformed faces on them tonight than the women? Maybe the men need better surgeons.

Sacha Baron Cohen, I still can’t like you. I know you don’t care. I liked your performance in Les Mis but that speech just took away any brownie points you gained from it. Again, that was valuable potential Amy/Tina time wasted.

Lena Dunham won for girls and she’s supposed to be really good in it although I haven’t seen it. But anyone who watched Veep knows that Julia Louis-Dreyfus deserved an acting award for that moment when she is told that the president might have had a heart attack and she will get to take over as president. Her look of glee and fake sadness as she struggled with what she should show on her face was only a couple of seconds but seriously deserved an award. Nevertheless, congrats to Lena Dunham.

Taylor Swift is not having a good night. First she looked clearly ticked with Adele’s win instead of her and then Tina Fey gives her a good talking to.

I heart Jodie Foster. She is just amazing. What an awesome career.

But I don’t really know exactly what is going on with Jodie’s speech. Some of it was quite poignant and powerful and some of it was lost on me. Was she angry? Did I do something wrong? I hope she’s okay forever.

I think we all know what the main topic of Golden Globe wrap ups will be tomorrow: Jodie Foster and that speech.

I like Ben Affleck and I’m happy he won. He was passionate about this movie and tried so hard to get it made. Haven’t seen it yet but want to. Even with the controversial portrayal of Canada’s role in the story.

Again, haven’t watched “Girls” but already love Lena Dunham.

Hugh Jackman deserves Best Actor. Seriously. Just seeing the expressions on his face sometimes during that movie made me weep. What an amazing performance.

Woohooo! One of the two movies I saw that were nominated for Best Musical/Comedy won!

Okay, now I must see Argo.

So, summary of the night. Gotta see “Girls” now. Gotta see “Argo” now. Love Adele, love Jodie Foster and that was quite the speech she made, can’t love Sacha Baron Cohen, happy for all the Les Miserables success, love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler but was disappointed that I didn’t see more of them.

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