The Kind of News I’d Like to See

One of the things I’d like to do in the new year (note, I didn’t say ‘resolve’ or resolution’) is to try to not read the news so much. It makes me sad. Makes me feel hopeless about the world. But then I decided I would read more news but would try to make sure it’s good news. I subscribe to the good news network and get regular emails that fill me in on good news but when I googled, I found that many news sites have good news sections. So, along with the link to the good news network, maybe you might like to check some of them out in the links at the bottom of this post (some of them are Canadian but the news is from around the world). Wouldn’t it be great to focus on the good being done in the world and the little good things people are doing for each other than, say, which two media whores have just conceived a little bundle of publicity for themselves? Yes, of course it would.

When you’re on a news site that provides other news that might not be good news, you may want to not look at the sidebars or footers on the page since that’s where you can find out which reality TV star just got a 3 million dollar advance on her book. Or why news organizations think it’s more important that you know what Honey Boo Boo had for supper last night than about a hunger strike a First Nations chief is enduring in order to get a simple meeting with the prime minister of my country. My real wish is for someone out there, and I give this idea to you freely, to make a news site which has actual news and strip all ‘news’ involving celebrities. Because I just checked and on Google’s News for Canada and the headline “A Look at Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Maternity Outfit” was above “Idle No More gains traction as hunger strike continues” and “Justin Bieber calls paparazzo death tragic, urges action” was above “UN Human Rights Office Says Over 60000 Killed In Syria Conflict”. That, my friends, is something I’d love to see change in 2013. How about putting value back into news and telling us about things that matter in the world? I know. I know. But I can dream, can’t I? Anyway, as I so often do, I digress. Here are your good news links. If you see ‘Kardashian’ or ‘Honey Boo Boo’ on any of them, don’t tell me.

2 thoughts on “The Kind of News I’d Like to See

  1. Great post! I agree 100% that todays news is overly obsessed with celebs and under-concerned with social/economic/political news. I guess it’s because that what ppl want. It also keeps “the masses” in the dark and apathetic. Just peachy for the corporations and business interests that control the message to start with.

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