A change is as good as a rest??

Well, I’ve had the rest too, haven’t I? Ah yes, it’s been too long and the posts have been too infrequent of late. So I changed the look of the website and I hope that will give me the kick in the blogger’s butt (sounds like a ghastly illness) that I need. But I’ve been writing and revising and rewriting and living and raising the kids and doing some renos on the house. (If people do something awful to you, the thing to wish on them is that they have to paint their kitchen cupboards–seriously. Or completely redo a bedroom in one weekend.)

I think I’ve said it before–but it was without a change in the look of the blog and you know that will make the difference–but I’m going to try shorter posts here. More like a facebook update or tweet. They are the things most of my thoughts go into these days so if I try to add some short things here, the hope is that I’ll get back into blogging. In the meantime, you can follow me on twitter or check out my tweets over on the sidebar there.

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