Signs of an Overly Hopeful Spring in Newfoundland

We don’t usually haul out the accessories of summer until well into May and, more likely, well into June. This year, however, our spring has been unusually spring-like and so the kids wanted to get a lot of summer toys out. Getting to them in the shed meant moving out the table and chairs for the deck and, with a few days of 20 degrees or more, we figured why not put the table and chairs on the deck. The kids have been asking all winter about when the trampoline could go up. We always said “maybe May sometime” but the weather prompted an early assembly for the trampoline too. My husband and I assumed that all these summer things we’d brought out would look ironic to us one day soon and this morning, with 10cms of snow called for, it has come to pass. But it’s not unexpected in these parts and these snowy summer things remind us that sometime soon it will be nice and warm again.






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