2012 The Year of More Blogging

I have let this poor little blog down. It used to feel loved, attended to, even nurtured. It used to be the place I dropped my thoughts, rants, pictures, a link to video, some humour, or a bit of advice. Now, let’s face it, I use twitter and facebook for those things. But it’s not the blog’s fault. It’s been a perfectly good little blog to me. So I need to change for it. Everyone knows that when you get into the habit of doing something, you do it more often so I must get back into the habit of blogging. For me, that means a realistic goal.

My goal could just be more blogging but look through this blog and you’ll see such empty promises scattered amongst the posts. No, I need something more concrete but also realistic. So, I’ll say once a week at least. And that’s really no good for a blogging slackard like me so I need something more  regular. Let’s say….every Tuesday. Yeah, a new blog post every Tuesday, at the very least. I can do that. I resolve to post every Tuesday, at least.

There. I already posted one this year. And it’s not even Tuesday yet! I’m getting better already. See you on Tuesday. Or with a really good excuse on Wednesday.

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