Word on the Street Halifax

I am so excited that I’ll be off to Halifax this weekend to take part in the Word on the Street Book and Magazine Festival in Halifax. I’ll be flying in on Saturday and then taking part in the festival on Sunday. I’ll be on the Nova Scotia Main Stage at 12:30 on Sunday, September 26th and am thrilled to be sharing the stage with Russell Wangersky and Darren Hynes. Of course, you know me, I’m already nervous too but strangely a panel situation makes me feel a little less nervous than just straight standing up and reading. I’ll be terrified on Sunday, I know, but once it gets going, I’ll be fine. I know Russell and just his being there will probably make me feel more relaxed (one can only hope). Plus, my husband is going with me too and he’s the best in the world at calming me down when I’m nervous. So, if you’re in the Halifax area, come on by and say hi. I’ll be signing copies of A Few Kinds of Wrong (and this much is true, I assume) after the event as well.

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