Istill Want the iPad

People have been asking me what I think about the iPad and so I thought I’d let you know, even though most of the world seems to have already weighed in. I still want one. It’s pretty much what I thought it was going to be: a big iPod Touch. I actually watched the big announcement event live, well, I tried but video and audio was sparse and I ended up listening to audio from Leo Laporte’s Ustream and looking at Engadget’s coverage in pictures and words. There was an air of waiting and expecting a big reveal of some super-amazing thing that the iPad would have but I doubted it. What were people expecting? Oh, I know what they wanted. They were hoping for multitasking, which it doesn’t do, and flash, which is doesn’t have but neither does my iPod Touch and I still use it a lot. I read on it and listen to music with it and use twitter on it and surf the web on it and check facebook on it and play games on it and occupy my toddler with Elmo videos on it during long car trips and on and on and on. And I would do the same thing with the iPad and will because by hook or by crook, I plan on getting one.

There was one surprise for me, during the great reveal of the iPad: the price. Wow. I expected $1000 and hoped upon hope for $799, but a starting price of $499 was totally unexpected, although I assume it will be more in Canada. I really liked the iBooks on it and fear this may be it for the poor printed book industry, much to my chagrin as a writer and my pleasure as a reader. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love a printed book–the feel of it, the smell of it, the look of it, especially if it’s one of my own I’ve written but I love the convenience of having twenty-odd books in my iPod Touch and knowing I can flick from The Lovely Bones to Twenties Girl to I Feel Bad About My Neck to an unpublished manusript by one of my friends who wants my opinion on her book, is a pleasure. The big problem is the bathtub so I keep some books for reading in the tub but I also put my iPod Touch in plastic baggy so I can read it there too. I figure I can find a big one for the iPad.

That’s not the only drawback of the iPad, though. There are others and it is not the perfect device quite yet. It’s mostly all screen so, just as my iPod Touch, I will be nervous of cracking the bloody thing. And I will probably have to get a case  to make me feel safe with it and probably a big screen protector, which I haven’t gotten yet for the iPod Touch. The truth is if I had a lot of money, or even a moderate amount, I’d have tons of iPod Cases because there’s something about them that I like. So, now a new obsession may be checking out the huge variety of cases for the iPad, no doubt being developed as we speak.

And where will I put it? The iPad won’t fit in my little purse or my coat pocket or my kid’s diaper bag. How will I carry my iPad? These are all questions to be answered and I think I’ll have fun figuring it out. So, what do I think of the iPad? iWant!

3 thoughts on “Istill Want the iPad

  1. Hi Michael,
    I read a lot of books on the Palm too. My first novel, This Much is True, just became available on from Chapter’s Kobo and I’m excited about that. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I want one too! I want an iTouch too… LOL I’ve been reading ebooks on my Palm for years and like you, I love having so many books in such a tiny package. An iPad would just add, wouldn’t it? Are any of your books available electronically?

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