More About Doyle, Alan Doyle That Is

With all this talk around here about Republic of Doyle, I forgot to mention a couple of things about a real Doyle, one by the name of Alan of Great Big Sea. First, and yes this is related to Republic of Doyle, Great Big Sea’s “Oh Yeah” is the theme song (opening song??) for Republic and I love it. I had somehow missed this song but now it’s being played a lot on the old iPod Touch. You can download it yourself  on iTunes.

The other thing is that I was watching the People’s Choice Awards for a few minutes the other night (which is really all I can stomach of that particular awards show, even though I’m an awards show junkie) and they showed a preview for the upcoming Robin Hood movie. Alan Doyle is in the movie, playing one of Robin’s merry men, Allan A’Dayle. Not sure how merry the men will be as it looks pretty dark but it also looks really good. I like Russell Crowe’s acting and recently really enjoyed him in the movie, State of Play (which started with a scene of Russell Crowe driving and singing along to Great Big Sea’s “The Night Pat Murphy Died“). And Cate Blanchett will no doubt make a fabulous Maid Marian. Alan as Allan will play the lute in the movie (and sing, maybe??)  as he’s the troubadour of the merry men. Watch for this one when it comes out this summer.

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