The Impossibility of Me Winning Trivia With Project Natal

The geek in me thinks this Project Natal thing looks soo… oh no, there I’ve gone and drooled all over my keyboard. If I win the lottery, or sell the movie rights for my books, maybe I can have this one day.

And while I am excited by the idea, based on my experience with voice recognition software, I don’t think I’ll be winning any trivia games. I can just imagine how it might go:

Machine: Who wrote the books A Few Kinds of Wrong and This Much is True? (What? A girl can dream can’t she? Maybe the trivia game will have that as a question. It’s within the realm of possibility since the books exist and all.)

Me (after fainting and being revived several minutes later): Tina Chaulk.

Machine: No, I am sorry. Team her shock is not the correct answer.

Machine: What is the name of the anthem of Newfoundland and Labrador? (What? That might be a question.  In the super-hard category, you know, for those annoying people who know everything and can quote obscure 18th century poems and whole chapters from the Bible AND every line from the Simpsons. You know the kind I’m talking about. )

Me: The Ode to Newfoundland:

Machine: No, I am sorry. The old do to move the man’s is not correct.

Me: Oh, %*$# off.

Machine: No, I am sorry. Flock of is not the answer either.

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