NaNoWriMo Day 13

Yes, I am behind. I am really, really behind. But I think part of NaNoWriMo means having to be behind at some point. Other than that, I’d just be annoying and going on about how easy it is to do this NaNo thing and you’d hate me. And, see, I have a good reason, or reasons. First the flu laid me out. Two solid days in bed. (I don’t know how people who think they have the flu can get up the energy to go to a flu assessment clinic. I figure it would have taken the house being on fire to get me out of bed.) Then follow that with a sinus infection and pneumonia and you could say yes, Tina, you can be behind. Thankfully, I was ahead the first couple of days so that might just save me. Either way, I ain’t giving up.

And it seems that I am doing well with the whole hating my NaNo novel as well. Seems that’s par for the course, as is hating everything I’ve ever written, at some point while writing it. Just don’t usually hate this much, this fast but then again, don’t usually write this much, this fast. I have requested, in writing, to some friends that they destroy the manuscript if anything happens to me for fear someone would read it. And unlike Nabakov’s crowd, I know they’ll do it.

Having lots of ideas seems to help with NaNo. I started the novel with one idea and then another that had been burning in my brain came up and by gum if I didn’t figure out a way to put both of them in. I’m still learning to just let the writing go, don’t think about it, try not to cringe (even though much of what I’m writing is cringeworthy). If you think maybe you want to throw in a long dialogue about a hair piece one of your characters saw or a journal entry from your character’s diary in 1973 (both examples I’m not actually using but feel free)–go for it. Put it all in and we’ll sort it out in December. Meantime, I have antibiotics to take and lots of writing to catch up with. I’m behind, and if you are, well, let me tell you, you’re not alone. Let’s just keep trying.

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