Lessons from Day One of NaNoWriMo

Good day one. Thankfully it was one of the nicest days outside that we’ve had in a long time so hubby took the kids outside and I got some writing time. 4867 words. The number of words you have to write every day in order to make 50,000 words in November is 1667  so I have a couple of days worth there and will always try to keep ahead because you never know when something will slow you down or stop you. There are some lessons I learned from day one, some things I need to remind myself as I write. They include:

  • Forget the backspace key is there. If you find yourself hitting it, stop it. If you made a mistake, just keep going and fix it in December.
  • NaNoWriMo is the opposite of most writing in that if two or three words can be used instead of one, go for it. Edit later. For instance, “almost” becomes “just about”. It’s not good writing practice but probably neither is churning out 50,000 words in 30 days.
  • If you go off track and veer off the story (see, I’m being redundant all over the place), just restart without going back and taking all that stuff out. In December, when you edit, that might fit in somewhere else or you might have a great line there that will work. Let it stay. (No backspace key, remember?)
  • I heard a few people say they have a 0 word count. There is absolutely no reason for a 0 word count. Type the word “the” and you change your word count to one. Or write the word “I” or “she” or “he” and then a verb and you have two words. Then let the rest come but 0 means you just didn’t show up.
  • I think twitter is fantastic for procrastinating NaNoWriMo but is also, you know, unfortunately fantastic for procrastinating NaNoWriMo. Tons of constant updates with the tag #nanowrimo (yet, oddly it is not a trending topic on twitter). So myAlphasmart Neo is even a more important tool for me to write on since no Internet=no twitter.

That’s all for now but please feel free to add your own NaNo lessons or advice.

4 thoughts on “Lessons from Day One of NaNoWriMo

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  2. Tina:

    Hello! I can’t imagine writing 50,000 words in a month…you are brave. I’ve really enjoyed visiting your blog. Your writer’s “voice” has tons of personality. Good luck with NaNo.

    Take care,

    Nora Weston

  3. That’s a really healthy count for day one. I was at about 3200. I’m shooting for about 3500 on the 9 weekend days and about 900 on the 21 weekdays of November (I’ve got more free time on the weekend as I work 42hrs during the week).

    Ha! Loved ‘redundant all over the place.’ I agree about the backspace key. I’m going back to correct all over the place. Must…stop…editing. Best of luck.

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