Why the title A Few Kinds of Wrong?

So, why did I choose the title A Few Kinds of Wrong for my second novel? Well, I got the idea from Gwyneth Paltrow. I watched her in an interview on the talk show, The View, and she was talking about a relationship she’d once had. She said there were a few kinds of wrong in that relationship. The line hit me and hit me hard. I just thought it said so much and so little at the same time. It stuck with me. Sometimes, when I hear something like that, which really impacts me in some way, I’ll write it down for fear that I’ll forget it. And there are sometimes, rare times, when I don’t even bother to write it down because I know I won’t forget it. It’s seared in my brain and so it was with “a few kinds of wrong”.

It was some time later that I was looking for a title for the book I was writing. I knew enough to know the main ideas of the book but really none of the details. That’s how I work. Wouldn’t be able to outline because that would take the fun out of finding out what happens along the way. Anyway, I did know that this character, a mechanic named Jennifer Collins, had been very close to her dad. Her dad had died suddenly and her marriage had subsequently ended. I knew the novel would take place some time after the father had died and that Jennifer was still not dealing with it well, or at all. I knew that she had misinterpreted a lot of things and that she didn’t like how other people were somehow moving on with their lives while she couldn’t or wouldn’t. How all that happened or what all those misinterpretations were about, I had no idea. So, I knew that, just like when Gwyneth Paltrow had said it, there were a few kinds of wrong in Jennifer’s life and that while it said so much, it also said so little since I didn’t know all the specifics of Jennifer’s problems yet myself. And then boom, like in most writing, the line just popped back into my head as the perfect fit. At least the perfect fit for where the book was then. It was always a working title but by the time I finished the book and a couple of people had read it, everyone thought it seemed a fitting one still and so it stuck.

So, in a nutshell, I guess Gwyneth Paltrow and The View gave me my title and though I’m not sure I’ll ever get a chance to thank them, I sure do appreciate it.

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