Facebook “Like” in the Real World

Sometimes, I wish the world was a little more like facebook. I realize that makes me odd and, to tell the truth, I’m a bit embarrasssed to type that. But it’s true. Now, I don’t want the world to be totally like facebook. I don’t think it should be like this.

I guess the thing I most want to somehow transfer to the world, is a kind of new thing in facebook: the “Like” hyperlink. Under someone’s status updates and videos and pictures and even their sometimes annoying quiz results, is a little hyperlink that says “Like”. If you click on it, the person who posted the status update, picture, etc. can see that you like her posted item. It will simply say “Tina Chaulk likes this”. Or sometimes it will say “Tina Chaulk and four others like this”. And then, right there where “Like” once was is now another hyperlink that says “Unlike”. So, say you mistakenly pressed “Like” under the status update “So and so is back from the hospital minus one toe”, then you can quickly Unlike it before the world thinks you are some kind of anti-toe freak. Or if you accidentally Liked the picture your friend put up on facebook even though it is so blurry you are not sure if the creatures in the photo are human, then you can Unlike that before your friend thinks you are using your sarcasm on facebook again (moi?).


Anyway, so I find myself appreciating this feature and wishing I could sometimes use it in places other than facebook. Say, at a dinner party when you’re all making small talk and someone says something really mean about another person and you giggle before you realize no one else has and that you now appear as hideous as the person who just said it. I’d just like an Unlike button for that. Or when someone tells you that her pap smear went well and you don’t want to stare at her with horror because you really didn’t need to know that, and you don’t want to fill her waiting silence with some inane jabbering about vaginal tests, you could just click “Like” and move on to another conversation someone is having over in another part of the room.

So, if I’m out with you sometime and you say something kind of funny but it’s not THAT funny so I don’t laugh out loud at it, I may just point at you and say “Like” and you should totally understand what I have done. And maybe everyone else could start to do it as well. Deal?

Tina Chaulk likes this.

4 thoughts on “Facebook “Like” in the Real World

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  2. I seem to be having a problem , subscribing to your RSS feed. It comes up with error 451. Let me know if its a known error or if its just me . Ive tried Chrome and Firefox. Im using Eset Firewall and im not sure how to turn it off . Im not that good with Laptops. Ill come back to your site and see if you have responded. see you soon

  3. LOL!! I totally agree. I’ve often wished life had a rewind button as well, but this would be the next best thing.

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