Can you say "petty"?

Seriously? British Airways cut out a cameo appearance by Richard Branson, of Virgin Atlantic, in the movie Casino Royale. They also blurred the tailfin of a Virgin Atlantic plane in the same movie. Come off it. “We have full control over what is shown,” a company spokesman said.

And it’s not the first time. Seems that BA also cut scenes that appeared in the movie The Wedding Date before that movie was shown on BA planes. Those scenes showed Virgin Atlantic’s premium cabin. How silly. Virgin Atlantic did not do the same when a BA plane was shown in Die Another Day a while ago. British Airways’ move sure seems like a petty waste of time and energy to me. I’m sure if I was flying with them, I’d be really happy that they’re spending their money on important things like looking for rivals in movies instead of oh, you know, making flights cheaper or spending more on security. And the truly ironic thing is that if they wanted to ensure that Branson and Virgin got less publicity, boy did they screw that up. It’s in the news and I’m sure I’m not the only blogger talking about it.

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