A Thousand and One Words

As if his Product of Newfoundland (including Postcards from Newfoundland) and Walking on the Littoral Edge are not enough enjoyment to blog readers out there, Robert has created A Thousand and One Words.

People are encouraged to submit photos and to make comments on the submitted photos. The NL blogging community is no stranger to great photo blogs. NL photogs give us riches where this is concerned and I, for one, can’t get enough of it. I love the photos. The thing about Robert’s idea is that we get to see photos from a variety of people in one place, and we get to make comments of a word or two. He says it is not “a photo critique. It’s an opportunity for fun and self expression.” and encourages people to submit “a single word, sentence, poem, essay or, should you be so moved, even a novel inspired by the visual presented”. So check it out.

2 thoughts on “A Thousand and One Words

  1. Thanks.

    It’s always difficult starting a new venture — especially one that requires so much outside participation. I really hope people are willing to engage with this and share a thought or two weekly.

    I also need people to send pictures. So far I’ve been drumming up submissions but I hope soon to have a flow of picture turning up in my inbox.

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