There comes a time I can know too much

I like blogs. I like finding out what certain people think about politics or music or writing, what kinds of new things they find on the Internet that I may love or hate, something interesting in the news, or just something in a blogger’s life. But I expect them to generally give me something at least conceivably interesting, or a post that I can appreciate how a family member might enjoy catching up on.

But there comes a time I can know too much and there comes a time one should ask the question: why would anyone else care? Some may disagree with me and for them, I will tell you about, the answer to the burning questions on everyone’s mind: What am I eating for lunch? How many people are ahead of me in line at Starbucks? and how big was the pimple I just squeezed? is “A global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing?” Literally, what are you doing at this moment? Like I would twitter that I am drinking a Tim Hortons medium with two cream while typing this blog post as my son naps and my dog licks himself. There, aren’t you enlightened? Aren’t you pleased that I told you that? Later, I could tell you what I am making for supper or that I have vacuumed the floor (if the day goes well, both of these chores will be done, if not, I’ll have a dirty floor and a hungry kid). I mean I know blogs have made us fascinated with what goes on in the lives and minds of others but they are usually censored for some modicum of something interesting.

Now this scintillating info is not just available on the web. No, you can get and send your twitters via text messaging and instant messaging, although the twitterblog tells us that the IM is having troubles since it is so overloaded with twitterers. So, now instead of just having to send and receive text messages and phone calls, 24 hours a day, while in restaurants, classes, movie theatres, or just hanging around the coffee shop, cell phone addicts can now get dozens of twitters as well. So, if I am a twitterer (this is the correct term according to a list of twitter terms) and if we’re having a coffee sometime, you’d have to excuse me for a moment so I could tell others that I am having a coffee with you. Arrrgh! My mind is going to explode. I weep for us all.

I am a geek. I love technology. I blog, have a web page, can text message when need be, drool over PDAs, take apart computers, beta test software, and have even written a couple of programs for PDAs. I went back to school so I could make technology my living. Maybe I am too old to appreciate it but dear God, isn’t this twittering getting too much?

What am I doing now? I am banging my head on my desk and getting a headache.

2 thoughts on “There comes a time I can know too much

  1. Thank you so much for your comments and your congratulations. I appreciate it more than you know.

    Very interesting that you made the opposite move: from Toronto to Newfoundland. I bet that has been an adjustment. I wonder if this place is what you thought it would be or if it has surprised you. I’d be interested in reading a blog about that, if you decide to start one. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. (I love your name.)

  2. What am I doing right now? Wondering if one has to be a twit to become a twitterer.

    Seriously though, I logged onto your site this evening because I just picked up your novel today at the library. I wish I could say I had been told it was a great read and went looking for it… but the truth of the matter is that fate put it in my hands. I’ve just made the first big move of my life, from Toronto to Newfoundland, and as I was looking for something new to read today – because as much as I love some of my favorite authors I always enjoy finding new favorites to add to my list.

    I found your book on the “new releases” shelf. I’m only about six chapters into it so far but I’m enjoying it tremendously; I’ve already told my best friend and my daughter that I’m reading it and the basics of what it’s about and have told them “so far, it’s very good”. I’ll probably end up recommending they get it to read for themselves, once I’ve finished reading it. If I continue to enjoy it as much as I have thus far, you’ll definitely have me looking to read your second book, and sharing your name among all of the other avid readers I know.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog later, just wanted to let you know that I’m already talking about your book. Congrats on your first!

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