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Sometimes when you are stuck in your writing and don’t know where to go next, maybe music can push you out of that rut. Music is my muse. Always has been. I envision whole scenes in my head according to a song and certain songs represent a scene, a chapter or a whole book when I’m writing. I don’t listen to them when I write, only when I’m thinking about my story and doing my internal writing. Then by the time I write a scene, I can already picture what is going to happen; I just have to write the words. It is the soundtrack of my stories. I have a different playlist for every book (it used to be a different CD for each one and before that a different cassette). The soundtrack for this much is true includes (but is not limited to) the following songs (those of you who have read the book may be able to figure out which ones were used to write certain parts but not all are obvious. Some are just for a certain piece of music or a certain beat.):

Ennis Sisters — No Change in Me
Cowboy Junkies — This Street, That Man, This Life
Jann Arden — To Sir With Love
Jann Arden — Insensitive
Stevie Nicks — Sometimes It’s a Bitch
Queen — Too Much Love Will Kill You
Luba –Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry
The Knack — Good Girls Don’t
Eurythmics — Last Time
Lifehouse — Sick cycle Carousel
Timber — The Whole Way Home
Barstool Prophets — Friend of Mine
Holly Cole — I’ve Just Seen a Face
Toby Keith — We Were in Love
Garth Brooks — Friends in Low Places

I’m getting a pretty good soundtrack for the book I am working on the most right now. I’ll share that on another day.

4 thoughts on “Musing with music

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  2. I do this, too! I remember you mentioning this before.
    I have this great novel in my head (I haven’t written a word, of course), but I have played the entire thing out in my mind for the past…get this…5 years. There are certain songs that belong to my characters as if it was written just for them. Maybe one day I’ll write it, but I doubt I ever will.

  3. I do this. Each proect has a different disc. Helps a lot during revisions.

  4. So, what’s the soundtrack to your life? I’ll think about mine and let you know.

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