Good review and weird orphans

First of all, Check out this great review of this much is true from Maura Hanrahan at her weekly book review: What I’m Reading. I am so happy about it.

Also, I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while now but have gotten sidetracked. I am talking about Brad Peyton’s (Brad Peyton from Gander, NL) brilliant new series on CBC called What It’s Like Being Alone. It is a stop motion animated series. Now, I know it comes on at the same time as Canadian Idol (10:00 NL time) but that is what VCRs are for and Brad’s series is definitely worth taping Canadian Idol (or vice versa if you insist). The animation is great, the show is funny and the characters take you in. There’s Princess Lucy, Brian Brain, Flaming Charlie, Sammy, my favourite–Aldous, and a host of others. They all live in an orphanage, all dream of being adopted and all try to deal with the reality of who they are. Check out What It’s Like Being Alone tonight on CBC television.

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